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The HERD Institute:
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Dave Harris: "Barbara's Stories Through Her
Perpetual Lens"
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EponaQuest Foundation
Trust-n-Horses E-book

Engage the Power of the Horse
Learn communication and intimacy skills
Develop clarity of intention and focus
Practice mindful meditation

This equine facilitated experiential learning process work is suitable for individuals of any age interested in achieving clarity of life purpose, rewarding interpersonal relationships, and compassionate heart centered communication skills. Carefully structured interactive exercises are designed to create bonding, promote team building, and develop personal insights.

These workshops and seminars are available worldwide.

Adventures In Awareness

In the Presence of Horses

In the Presence of Horses

From the Pony Paddock - A Resident is teaching AIA Interns her stroking method to obtain coherence with Joe's heart. Classes are each Tuesday at 9 to 10:15 am at the Haciendas at the River.

View a short a video about The Hacienda at The Canyon and its horse program.

Adventures In Awareness

Events, Workshops, Seminars and Morse Adventures In Awareness

AIA Individual Student Intensive Workshop, Tucson, Arizona

Schedule an Individual Student Intensive Workshop
Personally designed intensive study with Barbara Rector & the AIA staff, human & equine in AIA Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning process work.

Click Here to download the Informational Flyer (pdf)

Shouts and Whispers

The HERD Institute: Interview with Barbara

Listen to the uplifting interview conducted by Dr. Veronica Lac of The HERD Institute where she explores Barbara's experiences and inspiration that helped to galvanize the Adventure In Awareness concepts of the horse and human bond and how it afftects the mental, physical and spiritual well being of people.

Click here to watch
the video on Vimeo

Dave Harris: "Barbara's Stories Through Her Perpetual Lens"

Presenting Dave Harris' conversation with one of the pioneers of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Learning, Barbara K. Rector.

In the Presence of Horses:
Older Adult Community Embraces (EAL)

Adventures In Awareness's program In The Presence of Horses is a featured article in the Spring 2019 issue of PATH International's Strides magazine. Read about how the pioneering studies by Barbara Rector, Ann Alden and Ann Baldwin into the horse-human bond affects the health and well-being of people. See how this research blossomed into wellness program, In The Presences of Horses, facilitated by Barbara and Adventures In Awareness at The Hacienda at the River and benefiting the lives of the elderly

Click Here for the PATH, Intl website

James Brady Professional Achievement Award Winners
Equine Sedrvices for Heroes

This award is presented in the name of James Brady to recognize a professional who has made contributions in the creation or development of industry-advancing ideas, initiatives, programs or events, and the winner will demonstrate a sustained and lasting contribution to the EAAT industry, both within and outside of PATH Intl.The James Brady Professional Achievement Award recognizes the contributions made to the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT).

Click Here for the PATH, Intl website

From People and Animals
The International Journal of Research and Practice

Effects of a Form of Equine-Facilitated Learning on Heart Rate Variability, Immune Function, and Self-Esteem in Older Adults

View and download the Research

Adventures In Awareness

New senior community in Tucson to include horse experience
Adventures in Awareness is at the forefront, pinoeering a radical new approach for assisted living, skilled nursing, short term rehabilitation, and Hospice that all include access to the horses as foundation.

View a short a video about The Hacienda at The Canyon and its horse program.

Adventures In Awareness
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Leadership with Heart

Invigorating and Fun Training Workshop

Leadership with Heart is participant-centered and solution-focused. Since 80% of human interaction is non-verbal communication, Leadership with Heart uses non-verbal horse behavior to simulate team dynamics for new insights.

Bookings for Leadership Skills Training may be arranged by a call to Barbara at: +1.520.247.3383 or via email

Leadership with Heart

A Dedication to Crackers

A Dedication to Crackers
Cracajac "Crackers"
1981 – 2014

A Dedication to Crackers A Dedication to Crackers

Click here to read his dedication

Adventures in Awareness(TM)
Adventures In Awareness